Podcasting in the Classroom

Types of Podcasts

Audio only

Original podcasts were audio recordings only -- essentially 21st Century radio shows produced by anyone.


* with photos and/or graphics* chapter markers* live URLs* associated files (typically PDFs)

Video Podcasting

(These cannot be produced in GarageBand. Use a video editor like iMovie, instead.)

End-User Access

Subscribe via RSS

* True podcast -- essentially one-way communication (creator to end-user)* End-user controls what/when to listen* Find podcasts via directories, blogs, etc.

Posted on website (no XML for RSS subscription)

* Play through browser * Download

Share by hand

* Flash drive* CD/DVD

Classroom Use

How many specific examples can you come up with?

Consumers -- many educational podcasts


* Teacher-created -- instructional* Student-created -- authentic communication; product/process for project-based learning; assessment/evidence of learning

Where to Find Podcasts

  • iTunes Music Store -- works seemlessly with iTunes as Podcast aggregator
    • Browse in "Education"
    • Browse iTunes U -- new higher education section for podcasting
    • Search by keywords
  • Podcast Directory Comparison
  • Education Podcast Network -- developed by David Warlick specifically for educational podcasts
  • Podcast Alley


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