Harnessing Integrated Apps on the Mac

Bill Dolton, Apple Distinguished Educator

Integration of Software/Tool
Intermediate Level

Mac Users: Harness the power of the software already on your students' laptops to capture, coordinate, and creatively communicate concepts in the Social Studies classroom. Learn features and tips for Safari, iPhoto, GarageBand, Keynote, and other Mac applications to quickly and easily integrate web resources into student projects allowing students to focus more understanding concepts rather than complexities of disparate applications.

Session Variations

Teachers may attend one, two, or all three sessions which will change direction each time. All three sessions will begin in the Safari web browser and iPhoto applications collecting primary source material. We will end up in three different software applications, however -- in Preview (9:30 session), in GarageBand and iTunes (10:20 session), and in Keynote and iMovie (12:10 session). You are welcome to attend any or all sessions. Repeat participants will be able to follow along to review and consolidate initial strategies with Safari and iPhoto or explore additional primary source material on their own (see Social Studies links below).

09:30 Session -- Safari --> iPhoto --> Preview
10:20 Session -- Safari --> iPhoto --> GarageBand --> iTunes
12:10 Session -- Safari --> iPhoto --> Keynote --> iMovie


  • Safari
    • Add image directly from web page to iPhoto library
    • Creating an RSS feed from a Google News search

  • Preview
    • Annotate
    • Mark Up

  • GarageBand
    • Podcast
    • Share --> m4a

  • iTunes
    • Playing Podcasts

  • Keynote
    • Live Web Page (not available in '09)
    • Recording SlideShow
    • Export --> QuickTime, PDF

  • iMovie
    • Ken Burns Effect
    • Voice-Over
    • Share --> QuickTime

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Social Studies

Mac Resources

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BLOG for 9:30 Session (Preview)

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Simulate strategies that students can use to coordinate between applications/collecting information/collaborating, etc.

Safari 3.2
Mac OSX 10.5

Abraham Lincoln on Library of Congress (from American Memory where there are lots of primary sources). Visit Asssination of Abraham Lincoln > Gallery

In Safari, open multiple tabs by using Cntrl + click.

Command + F to find some text. The search field opens up at the top of the Safari browser. It will search words on that page. The searched words will appear highlighted on the page. You can toggle through each found result.

Top of browswer has a cliping button. Can grab a portion of site that will go to the dashboard. From there, you can edit. To get the button to appear,
Go to View > Customize Toolbar > Open in Dashboard.

Copy URL by triplle clicking the URL, click Copy (in order to be able to cite source for images)

Enlarge image

Control + click image and select Add Image to iPhoto Library. Can quickly collect a bunch of photos and put them in an album.

Command + A to select all images in iPhoto, then got to File > New Album from Selection. Album will appear in left hand navigation in iPhoto. Select each photo and paste in URL in the information window

Toggle through applications through command key + tab

Diary of Horatio Nelson Taft > Volume 3 > page 104. Copy URL. Go to higher quality image so you can zoom in closely to any section. Look at April 14. See entry on date of Lincoln's assassination. Control + click and add to iPhoto library and add URL to cite. Click thumbnail and drag to album created earlier.

Transcription link > scroll down to April 14, 1865. Highlight, click and drag to desktop. It becomes a text clipping. It's a text file that you can copy from, not edit or anything else.

F11 to toggle to desktop

Next section on Horatio diary site. April 30 is more detailed description.

Command + tab to go back to iPhoto. Select Lincoln album created earlier. Command + A to select all images. Click Book icon at the bottom. Drag images onto pages of book. Exclamation mark on image signifies low resolution which is important for printing. But if not going to print, no big deal. Give book a subtitle. To zoom in, two fingers on track pad with control key depressed. Turn pages for photos and select layout. Use option for 1 photo with caption. If image is cut off, can click on image and use the zoom in/out slider to adjust. Can also drag to recenter. Can copy URL from the information window and paste it in. Use Command + T to adjust font styles. Can drag text clipping in to caption area of page and then use font settings to adjust text to fit space. Go to File > Print > PDF (at bottom of dialogue box). Give file a name and select where to save it. Open saved file in Preview (not Adobe Reader) Can find it in Applicatoins folder (drag saved file onto application). From here, can get rid of extra pages (can't do that in Reader). Use Command + Delete to delete them.

In Preview, go to View > Customize and select Annotate and Markup. Use tools to add information with notes, highlight text